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FAQs and Troubleshooting
FAQs and Troubleshooting

Responses to frequently asked and most common CrystalCommerce Members questions

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How to Add an Item for Sale
How do I find the products that have not sold over x amount of days?
How can I find products that I have sold/bought over X number of days?
How to create bulk products on the buylist to purchase bulk singles and cards
How do I add an image to a new web page / news post I made?
How to Format Foil Cards on an Ion Suite Spreadsheet
How can I make all of my out of stock items not appear in search results?
How to create links on your google calendar that direct customers to pages of your webstore
Error when trying to uncheck the "Category may contain products" option in my categories
How to make sure your sub-categories appear on your website under their parent categories
I cannot upload a product image to my product, I get an IMPORT_FILE_ERROR message
How do I update the store name and information on my frontend website?
Batch Update Variant Percentages
Adding a deckbuilder to your website
SSL Certificate Setup
Pay in Store & Store Credit Payment Method Considerations
How to add a new or missing variant value to an existing product type
Amazon ASINs are pointing to the wrong product
Where are the images? (for a particular product)
How to toggle the infinite qty option
How to audit and manage your In_Checkout orders
How to set an order limit or a restriction on checkout?
How to find the version of your webstore
Register your site to use reCAPTCHA tool
How to automatically add missing descriptor info to your product types when encountering descriptor errors
Save money on your monthly transaction fees with Prepaid Fees
Unsubscribe to CrystalCommerce Newsletter / Marketing Emails
Adjusting Shipping Prices
How to find the API Key for your Google Calendar
How to find your Google Calendar ID
Inventory > Product Types Explained
Dashboard Page - The Inventory Report
Advertising > Wishlist Tab Overview

Account > Store > Admin Tab
Account > Store > Point of Sale Preferences
Account > Store > Notification Tab
Account Preferences - Order Notifications
What is a payment source? Do I need one?
Paypal Express Setup
Setting Up PayPal IPN
How can I limit the access of some employees and increase the access for others?
How do I zero out my inventory?
Using Mass Create to Adjust All Products on an Order
How do I enforce a minimum order amount on my website?
Pullsheet Sorting Options
Red vs. Green Order Payment Rectangle
Orders > Hold Tab Explained
How to move 'In Checkout' status order to another status
Mass Create - Create/update Products vs Only Update vs Only Create
Advertising > Coupons Tab Overview
Advertising > Coupon Reports Tab Overview
Orders > Awaiting Payment Tab Overview
Orders > Print Tab
Orders > Preorders Tab Explained
Orders > Pickup Tab Explained
Restock > Awaiting Products Tab Explained
Restock > Not Approved Tab Explained
Restock > Grading Tab Explained
Restock > Paid Tab Explained
Restock > Awaiting Approval Tab Explained
Restock > Received Tab Explained
How to export a csv or file of your customer's store credit?
Customers > Unapproved Customers Tab Overview
Customers > Pending Approval Tab Explained
Customers > Feedback Feature Explained
Kiosk Buylist Mode
Pullsheet - Printing Steps and Settings
Enable Credit Card Payments in the POS
Can I see all my item variants without hitting the Manage button on each product?
I accidentally closed my POS tab. Can I recover the order?
Is there a way to search for inventory that currently has a negative quantity?
Orders - How to Refund an Order
Restock - Accepting and Processing a Buy Order
Customers - How do I manually adjust a customer’s store credit?
How to Create Event Products
How to Create a Custom Product
How to Create a Category
How to unvoid an order
How do I see how much I've sold in tax exempt product?
How do I import a new game when I don't have a product type or category for it?
How to set your condition prices back to default values
How do I find products that have a specific tag?
How can I list a product to my buylist?
Adding a payment to an order from within the Admin
How to export an order's contents to CSV
How can I tell if a product of mine has a SKU?
How to change the name of your website or store name
How to limit the quantity sold of a product
Fixing Flash Enabled Dashboard Sales Graphs in Chrome and Firefox
How To Flag an Order as Fraudulent
Can I edit existing Exit Survey questions?
How to put orders "On Hold"
How to View all Orders from a Specific day
Opt Qty field - Optimal Quantity
How to Delete A Category
Customers - Outstanding Store Credit
How To Enter/Change Endicia Customs Information
How To Enter a Tracking Number
Fixing an "INACTIVE" Endicia Account
How to clean up and optimize your CSV
Variant Price Percentages
How to Add a Variant
Bank Transfers Overview
Bambora Overview
Deleting Product Types
Hiding Descriptors from the Website
Add To Inventory Mode
POS - Managing Customers in the POS
Using Batch Update to Set Reserve Qty
Batch Updating Max Qty
Batch Updating Brand
Batch Updating Advanced Products
Where to find the current status of your batch updates
Orders - Printing Invoices, Addresses, and Pullsheets
Orders - Creating Comments and Emailing a Customer
Buy Order Reports
Orders - Changing Order Status
Orders - Exporting Order Info
Searching and Adding Products to the Cart in the POS
Order - Shipping Details CSV Import
Orders - Voiding an Order
Restock - Adjusting Quantities on a Buy Order
Restock - Moving a Buy Order
Orders - How to Import Tracking Numbers For Orders
Payments - Credit Card Processing Setup
Default Shipping Rate Overview
Payments - Setting Up Your Paypal API
How to offer In-Store Pickup
Accepting a Return for an Entire Order
Accepting Returns for a Single Product Within an Order
Monthly Tax Statement
Relocating Products to Another Category
How to format an exported order CSV for use with the Mass Create system
Order Fraud Analysis Tool
Endicia Postage Options Available on the Orders Page
Shipping Setup for Non-U.S. Stores
How to create new shipping methods
Customers > Custom Fields Tab Overview
Customers > Import Customers Tab Overview
Category Packaging Presets
Advertising > Survey Tab Overview
Import; How to Make Products Available for Your Store's Inventory
Creating Product Types: Variants and Descriptors
Discount a Custom Line Item in the POS
Buyorder Mode in the POS
Creating Categories
How to hide categories from your website/buylist
Rearranging Categories
Advanced Search Filters for Orders
How to Batch Update
Batch Updating Tags
How to Disable International Shipping on Specific Products
Editing Product Type Descriptors and Values
Editing Product Type Condition Values
How to Mass Create Custom Products
Designating Preorders: Different Methods
Setting up Preorders by Category
Channels > Amazon > Create AmazonMWS Listings Tab Overview
Restock > Buylist Settings
Checking out on the POS
Account > Store > Watermark Tab
Account > Store > Mobile Tab
Account > Store > Logo Tab