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Multiple Promo Pages feature ("Promote Page Multi")
Multiple Promo Pages feature ("Promote Page Multi")

Help with the Promote Page Multi feature which allows multiple promo pages on a site (which are similar to the TCG promotion page)

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Some CrystalCommerce themes have a feature which allows you to add multiple promotion pages onto your store, for different set releases, each using a particular tag so you can specify which products should show on that page.

Important notes:

  • Some old themes don't support this feature

  • Some themes may require code updates for this feature to work

  • The limit to how many promo pages you can use is typically 3 by default, but it can be increased via design request. Just be sure you can maintain all those additional pages with current products.

Example promo page:

How it works:

If you follow the instructions below and the feature does not work, contact us for assistance.

  • "Banner manager" is used to create "promo controllers" which are each tagged sequentially with 'controller-1', 'controller-2' etc (up to the limit of promo pages, typically 3). See figure A, below. In admin > Inventory > Products, search the "Tagged with" field for the tags noted above. If any don't exist, you can create them (starting in order with -1 first).

  • Each "promo controller" is used similarly to the TCG Promotion Controller; the "Link" descriptor field should be filled out with the desired Set Code.

  • Products must be tagged for each promo page's display areas using the unique Set Code derived tag names for the "promo controller" (use the ?mytags url append to view tagnames on promo page)... for example, tag a Kaladesh booster box with "mtg-kaladesh-featured" to show that item on the featured top left section of the promo page, tag Kaladesh sealed products with "mtg-kaladesh-carousel" to show those items on the 2nd row carousel display, and tag Kaladesh singles with "mtg-kaladesh-grid" to show in the lower grid section. See figure B, below.

  • The promotion pages URLs / links are in the format below, with -1, -2, -3 on the end depending on the promo you wish to link to:

  • You link customers to the promotion pages via banners, social post links, email newsletters, and so on.

Figure A: The promo controller.

Figure B: Tagging a product to show in a promotion.

If you follow the instructions above and the feature does not work, contact us for assistance. It's possible your theme may not have the necessary updates or may be incompatible if it's a much older theme. We can check it out for you.

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