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Using the TCG Promotion Controller Product
Using the TCG Promotion Controller Product

We have created a tcg release promotional tool for you to increase awareness and drive online sales!

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Overview of the TCG Promotion Controller

CrystalCommerce recognizes that pre-selling for each new TCG set release is a big deal! It is an opportunity not only for your physical store but also for your online store. Pre-selling is the perfect opportunity to increase your online presence, customer interaction, and overall branding. To help our members achieve this goal, we have created the TCG Promotion Controller.

TCG Promo Page Example (Design varies for each brand and release)

Set Codes
The set / release which is featured on the page is controlled with a "Set Code."

There is a page with existing TCG Promo Set Codes.

Feel free to bookmark the Set Codes page, for future reference. CrystalCommerce will also announce the release of all new set codes on our blog.

TCG Promotion Controller

The "TCG Promotion Controller" is a "banner product" which you can use to control the visibility of the pre-sale images and the pre-sale page itself. You also control what TCG set you are promoting, including the release date text you want to use, and more.

See detailed instructions in the "How to Control the Promotion Page" section below.

How to Control the Promotion Page

  1. Acquire the set code for the set you wish to feature

  2. Log in to your admin

  3. Navigate to Inventory > Products tab.

  4. In the "Name" search field, type "tcg promotion controller"

  5. Click "Search" (below and to the left, underneath the category list)

  6. Click "Edit" on the “TCG Promotion Controller” banner product.

  7. Note: Do not edit the "Tags" section, and do not remove the "tcg promotion controller" tag, which is required to make the page function.

  8. Use the “Alternate Text” field for the "release date" text or availability text you'd like to show on the page. Keep it short and concise, for example “Available February 20th” or "Available Now!"

  9. Fill out the “Disable After Date” and “Enable On Date” fields to determine the date range in which the promotion page will be visible on your site. Be sure to follow the example date format shown next to those fields. Note that if today’s date is not within that date range, the promotion will not show up on your store site.

  10. Input the set code in the “Link” field

  11. After editing all of the promotion controller settings, click "Save Product"

Promote Banners

The promotion page comes with some banners that will display on your home page. They are automatically displayed, with the set logo, art, and an optional space for your logo (see example below, with the "Nori" theme logo).

How to add your logo to the promotional banners and promo page:

  • If you want to use your existing logo, tag it with “promotion logo”

  • If you want to use a different logo, create a new product, add your image, and add the correct tagname. To find the tagname, view your home page with the mytags feature turned on. The banners will be labeled with the tagname.

  • Remember to save the logo product after editing.

  • NOTE: The background of the banners and promo page is generally dark, so you’ll probably want to use a lighter colored logo, or add a white background if your logo is dark.  

The promotion page has three product display areas:

  • Featured - This is the first product display section. Use it to feature the most important items. Booster box is the most common choice.

  • Carousel - This is the second product display section. It will display any sealed products you have in stock for this set, or whatever you tag to override them.

  • Singles - This is the third product display section. Single cards from the set will be placed here and automatically will sort from highest price to lowest price in the available grid space. These singles can be overridden with the manual tag.

How to Control the Products on the TCG Promotion Page

You can find the correct tagnames by using the "mytags" feature. For help with that, you can read our article about mytags and tagging.          

NOTE: There may be a delay before the products update, while the backend cache is clearing.

Also see these other help articles related to the TCG Promotion Controller:



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