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How do I use tags to change the products displayed on my website?
How do I use tags to change the products displayed on my website?

I want to change the products displayed on my website theme. How do I use product tagging to accomplish this?

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Displaying your Tags

To make your tags visible, simply add /?mytags onto the end of your URL. Example:

*You may need to use /tags or /mytags if you are using an older theme.

You will see a display similar to what's shown below, with pink boxes on top of your displays. 

Some product displays will automatically pull products, as shown above (Notice the one display that reads "Automatically found products"). You can override these automatic displays if you like. To do so, follow the instructions laid out in the tag. 

Tagging Products

Once you have your tag list, then you will go into the admin and assign the tag to some products. Head over to the Inventory => Products section and then search up the product you want to tag. Hit "Edit" below the product image in the search results. 

A new screen is displayed, as shown above. Add the tag into the "Tags" section, then make sure to hit "Save Product". After a short time, the product that you tagged into your product display will be shown on your front-end website!

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