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How to create new categories in your inventory

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Creating and organizing categories is imperative to having a functional and successful store. For an overview of what makes categories so important, please reference the following article: Categories Overview

How To Create A Category:

  1. Go to the Inventory > Categories page

  2. Select the option that says “New Category”

  3. In the "Parent category" drop down, you will choose what Parent category this new sub-category is listed under. If this category is a parent category that will house sub-categories, you will leave it set to "(Create as top-level category)".

  4. In the "Name" field, enter the name of the new category.

  5. In the "Product Type" dropdown, select the Product Type associated to this category.

  6. You can select an image that will be associated to this Category.

  7. The following checkboxes and options can be selected per your preference.
    a. "Category may contain products" should never be selected for a Parent Category, only Sub-Categories which contain products. Products imported into any category other than a destination category will be difficult for customer to find, and sales for those products will not be recorded in the category revenue bar graph
    "Hide out of stock products" will prevent out of stock items from appearing on your website.
    c. "Hide out of stock variants" will prevent out of stock variants of products from appearing on your website.
    d. "Hide category (and subcategories) from the main site?" will keep this category hidden from your website.
    e. "Hide category (and subcategories) from the buylist?" will keep this category hidden from your buylist.

  1. "Default category browse layout" will be set to Inherit.

  2. "CrystalCommerce Official Category" will be set to None.

  3. "Set Endicia customs description for category" will apply if you will be shipping internationally. This will be something basic like "Trading Cards" or "Comics".

  4. "Packaging Preset" will be set to Inherit from parent category.

  5. Select Create Category

Note: When you create a new category, it will appear at the bottom of your category list to the left. You can drag it to the location you want.

Click here for more information on Packaging Presets

Click here for more information on Default Category Browse Layout.

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