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Describing the packaging presets and how to set different shipping options for products based on the products weight

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Packaging Presets are templates that adds the weight of the packaging materials you use to ship out products. The weight of the products in the catalog are setup to reflect the weight of the product itself. The Packaging Preset can be adjusted to charge the customers an additional amount for shipping based on the weight of the shipping materials you use.

You can create Packaging Presets in the admin under Account > Shipping > Manage your Packaging Presets.

Click New Packaging Preset.

Create a name for the Packaging Preset, set the weight, and click Create.

You can assign a Packaging Preset for an entire category (and subcategories) or individual products.

The following steps will go over assigning a Packaging Preset to a Category in your admin.

On the Categories page in the admin, select a category. At the bottom just above the Save button is the Packaging Presets drop down. You will select the Packaging Preset here. This will affect all the subcategories and products contained within those subcategories. 

The following steps will go over assigning a Packaging Preset to an individual product in your admin.

On the Products page, search for a product and click the Edit link; just beneath the product's name. 

Under the Shipping tab, there is the Packaging Preset drop down. Setting a Packaging Preset will override the category settings.

When products with different packaging presets are added to the cart, the system uses the heaviest preset plus the products' weight in the cart. 

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