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How to Format Foil Cards on an Ion Suite Spreadsheet
How to Format Foil Cards on an Ion Suite Spreadsheet

When using the Ion card scanner, how to correct the foils so they will import with mass create on the Inventory page.

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If you are using the Ion Card Scanner to scan and upload cards into your inventory, you will need to update how foils are handled. The spreadsheet that the Ion scanner generates has the card name in one column, and "Foil" as a separate column. In the CrystalCommerce catalog, we put " - Foil" in the product name. Since the mass create tool looks at the product name to decide which cards to update, there are a few edits you'll need to make to the spreadsheet before it's ready to upload.

First, highlight the "Foil" column and use Find and Replace to replace all instances of "FALSE" with nothing, and replace all instances of "TRUE" with "Foil"

Next, sort the whole spreadsheet by the "Foil" column to group all of the foil cards together:

After that, enter the following formula onto row 2 of the first open column: =CONCATENATE(C2," -",F2), where C is the Product Name column, and F is the Foil column. Copy the formula all the way down for all the foil cards (hover your mouse over the bottom-right corner of the cell with the formula and double-click):

Finally, highlight all of the cells with the formula and copy them to the clipboard. Then, highlight the first Product Name cell (C2 in our example). Right-click, and choose "paste special". Then select "values", and hit "OK". After that, you can delete both the "Foil" column and the column with the Concatenate formula:

After this, you can save your csv. Double-check to make sure the condition names are correct, and it should be good to upload! If you have any questions or concerns about uploading your csv, or if you run into any errors when uploading it, please contact support and we'll be glad to help!

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