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Pay in Store & Store Credit Payment Method Considerations
Pay in Store & Store Credit Payment Method Considerations

Specific considerations regarding the Pay in Store & Store Credit payment methods.

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For stores that have a physical location, we provide the Pay in Store payment option- a checkout option to allow your customers to pay for their products when stopping by your store. This option is very convenient for your customers.

Another payment option we provide is Store Credit- an important tool for generating recurring sales among your customers.  

The Pay in Store payment method was designed to be the only payment method on an order and currently has issues when combined with other payment options like Store Credit. 

We advise to put a note at checkout letting your customers know to only choose Pay in Store and not combine it with Store Credit (If you have these payment options available). 

Currently when opening up orders like this in the POS, the system will sometimes remove the store credit payment from the order. We will have this issue resolved in the near future but adding a note to your checkout until that time can help if this issue is affecting your store.

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