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Register your site to use reCAPTCHA tool
Register your site to use reCAPTCHA tool

How to fix your website's contact us page and user registration reCAPTCHA errors with Google's reCAPTCHA tool captcha

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Here are the written instructions for enabling recaptcha on your website. There are animated gifs below to show you what to do as well.

How do I get the keys?

  1. Register for / sign in to a Google account which you own

  2. Go the recaptcha page on Google:

  3. Select v3 for reCaptcha type

  4. Add your store domain into the Domains area (e.g. You should not / do not need to enter a crystalcommerce subdomain.

  5. Adjust any other settings as needed

  6. Click the “Submit” button

  7. Copy the keys that are generated for you

How do I add or update the keys in my admin?

  1. Go to: Admin > Account > Preferences > Frontend.

  2. Toward the bottom, there is an option that says “Enable Recaptcha on my custom website domain (for user signup, and contact form)

  3. Check the box to enable the feature

  4. Then add your v3 keys into the fields that appear. If there are already keys in the fields, you’ll need to replace them with the new v3 keys.

  5. Save your preferences.

Visual Instructions:

While is open, follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Register your website. Choose reCAPTCHA v3, add your domain (e.g., check accept and click Register.

Step 2: Copy the generated Site Key and Secret Key.

Step 3: Go to your Admin's Account > Preferences > Frontend and check the box for "Enable Recaptcha on my custom website domain". Paste the generated Site Key and Secret Key and click Save Frontend Prefs.

 After clicking save, the reCAPTCHA will be automatically enabled on your website. With recaptcha v3, there is no test for the customer to solve, so it is a seamless experience for them.

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