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Non CrystalCommerce Ads Appearing in the Admin
Non CrystalCommerce Ads Appearing in the Admin

Banner ads in the admin - why they are there.

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When utilizing the admin, you may notice that there are advertisements in your admin. The goal of this addition is to create a spot where we can keep you informed about upcoming releases and promotions as well as making you aware of opportunities that could help you run your store.

We have a strict policy on who can place an ad in your admin, and we can assure you that it will only pertain to the Hobby Game Industry or general business solutions, such as Mad Mimi, an excellent email-marketing tool.

If you are seeing Non CrystalCommerce approved ads appearing in your admin, this is likely due to a Malware issue within your browser.  In that case we strongly suggest trying to remove that Malware from your computer as soon as possible.  Try entering safe mode and deleting the Temporary Files from your browser, and see if this resolves this issue.  CrystalCommerce can only control what our servers deliver, not what the browser allows to be added onto the pages as they are viewed.

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