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How to setup a kiosk for your customers to submit buy orders through your in-store POS

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The Crystal Commerce POS offers a built-in Kiosk Mode that allows customers to see what products are on your buylist, and how much you are currently paying for those products. You can now purchase cards quickly and correctly from your customers, without having to flip through pages, check prices, or calculate totals. You can set up a satellite computer to run the POS in Kiosk Mode quickly by following these steps:

1. Open the POS on your kiosk computer: On the kiosk computer, log in to your admin and open POSv3.

2. Set a Clerk Mode PIN: In the POS windown, go to Menu > Settings. Find the field labeled "Clerk Mode 4-Digit PIN." This 4-digit PIN is required to change any POS set to Kiosk Mode back into Clerk Mode, which is the name for the normal, fully-functional POS Mode. This number can also be found and edited in the admin, in Account > Store > Point of Sale.

3. Put the POS into Buylist Mode: Once you have set the Clerk Mode 4-Digit PIN, go to Settings > New Buy Order. This will put the POS into its Buy Order Mode (Note: the search bar outline turns orange in Buy Order Mode.)

4. From Buylist Mode, put the POS into kiosk Mode: Once you are in Buylist Mode on the POS, go to Menu > Customer Mode. Once you click this button, the majority of the Clerk Mode controls will disappear, leaving only the Kiosk Mode controls that the customer will see.

Customers can use this interface to add the cards that they would like to sell to their order, and when they are finished, they will click "Complete Payment." This will send the Buy Order to the "hold" status, which will allow any user in Buy Order Clerk Mode to pull up that buy order by clicking on the orange oval with the number in it at the bottom of the screen.

After clicking on this button, a screen will appear with all of the currently held Buy Orders. The admin user may open the order by clicking on the POS button, and review the order total/pay out the order from there.

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