Pullsheet - Printing Steps and Settings

How to set up and print the pullsheet, which is a list of products on the orders you want to process

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Instead of grabbing the products for each invoice individually, our pullsheet function allows you to select a range of orders and aggregate all product quantity data onto one document. This makes for much more efficient use of time when pulling products for order fulfillment.

To print a pullsheet, you will need to complete two main steps:

  1. Select the orders you would like to print a pullsheet for.

  2. Set your pullsheet sort options and print the pullsheet.

Pullsheets are generated from the orders tab. Go to the order status you wish to print a pullsheet for or use the search filters on the Orders page. You may select which orders you would like to include in the pullsheet: checking the boxes will select just the selected orders, and not checking any boxes will select all orders in the search results (including those on other pages). Once you have selected orders to include, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Print __ Pullsheets."

You can also print a pullsheet of all your ready to ship orders by using the print button near the top of the page, on the black menu bar.

Two new windows will appear: the pullsheet sort options window, and the system print dialog box. If you would like to edit your pullsheet sort options, cancel out of the system print dialog and adjust the options in the second browser window. Once you are satisfied, click "Refresh Pull Sheet" button.

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