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I accidentally closed my POS tab. Can I recover the order?
I accidentally closed my POS tab. Can I recover the order?

How to recover a POS order that you accidentally closed out of.

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Yes, you can! To do so, load up the POS again. Then, navigate to the Menu in the lower right hand corner. From there, navigate to the Find Order button.

The find order window will be displayed and from here you are going to click on the dropdown for ‘order status’ and select ‘In Checkout’ then hit Search. Locate your order from the search results, which are sorted by date, and then hit POS to recover the cart into your POS. Then, proceed with checkout as normal!

In Checkout is a status that abandoned POS orders will go into. An order can be abandoned by closing your browser’s POS tab or if your internet connection drops, terminating the connection to CrystalCommerce servers. They are hidden from the order searches in your admin because manipulating In Checkout orders directly in the admin can cause problems with the order.

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