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Restock - Accepting and Processing a Buy Order
Restock - Accepting and Processing a Buy Order

How to process buy orders when your customers sell you cards

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Utilizing your buylist to restock your inventory is a fantastic way to keep your high-demand cards in stock at all times.  As you move through the process, you will change the status of the order, to help keep track of what the progress of the order is.  Before we begin walking through the process of accepting and processing a Buy Order, there is some information that we should be familiar with first:

How to Accept and Process a Buy Order:

1. After a customer submits a Buy Order an order will appear in your Restock tab, with the status of “Awaiting Approval”

2. Expand the order and review the contents of the order to determine if you would like to proceed with purchasing these products from this customer.  You can also select which of these products you do or do not wish to purchase specifically

3. If you would like to purchase the cards within the order, select the status and set it to “Awaiting Products” and click Update BuyOrder.  This will send an email to this customer informing them of the process of shipping those Products to you.

4. Once you receive the shipment from the customer, you will update the order to “Products Received” and click Update BuyOrder.  You can also enter text that will be included in the automated email to the customer.

5. Now that the Products have been received, you can begin Grading them.  This is a very key piece of this process.  If the customer claimed the card was NM-Near Mint, and it is really a Light Play card, you can move the Qty in the order from NM-Near Mint to Light Play, which will affect the compensation that they receive.  You can alter the Payment Method and the amount payed out to the customer as well (If you select Paypal, it will need to be processed manually though your Paypal account).  Once you have completed Grading, you can move the status to Grading Completed and click Update BuyOrder.

6. Now you can send a final message to the customer, move the status to Completed and select Update BuyOrder.  Once you select this option, the customer will receive their store credit payment, and the cards will be added into your inventory.  This process may take a few minutes, but the cards should be available on the Inventory tab shortly.

NOTE: If you wish to cancel a BuyOrder at any point you may move the status to Not Approved.  This will move it into the Not Approved section where it will remain for your records.

For an overview of the Restock Tab Click Here

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