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How can I set up notifications so that when a new order comes in I am alerted via email?

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The CrystalCommerce admin can be set up to send a notification email to your store contact email automatically whenever an order is paid for. You can find the preferences to modify notification behavior in Account > Store > Notifications.

Notifications Controls

  1. Send feedback email: This determines how many days until the system sends a request for feedback from your customer. The default is 14 days.

  2. Enable BuyOrder Notifications: Checking this box will have the system send you an email if a Buylist order is received. The email is sent to the address listed in your Account > Store page.

  3. Enable Order Notifications: Similar to 2, except you'll receive emails for regular orders when they are placed in the "Payment Received" status.

  4. Email customer if Waiting for Payment: This will send an email to a customer if you are waiting for them to send in a buy list order. The email will be automatically sent out after the specified number of days.

  5. Enable Reserved Quantity Notifications: Automatically sends an email to your store contact email when a product hits the specified reserved quantity.

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