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Why Does My Financial Report Keep Timing Out?
Why Does My Financial Report Keep Timing Out?

What to do if you try to run a financial report on the dashboard, but the report never loads

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When you view a financial report on the dashboard, it's running the report for the date range you set right on the page. This means that the report could be subject to timing out if it takes too long. If you find that it's either taking a very long time to load, or the financial report just says "loading" forever, then you will want to export it to csv instead. Exporting it to csv creates a background job for our system to process behind the scenes. That allows it to take as much time as it needs without timing out.

Below the "View Report" button, click on the "Export CSV" button instead.

Then, head to your notifications page, and click on "Generated Reports" to see a list of the files you have queued to export. You may need to refresh the page periodically, but there will eventually be a download link for your financial report. Save it to your computer and/or open it in a program like Excel to view it.

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