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How is the Store Credit Awarded Amount Calculated?
How is the Store Credit Awarded Amount Calculated?

Explanation of what data is collected for the "store credit awarded" line item in the financial stats.

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When viewing your Financial Stats, under the "General Stats" section of your dashboard page, there is a line item named "Store Credit Awarded". This number is a display of all the store credit given to customers through various methods.

This means that the following contribute to this number:
-Manual store credit adjustments
-Store credit payments for buy orders
-Store credit refunds
-Coupons that give store credit as the reward

Basically, anything that adds store credit to a customer's account is included in the "Store Credit Awarded" number.

Note that negative credit adjustments are not accounted for. So, if you manually subtract store credit from a customer's account, it will not affect the store credit awarded value. The same goes for store credit payments made by customers.

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