How to Create Event Products

How do I set up products and a product type for in store events so I can sell entry on my website and in my point of sale?

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There are several ways to offer event registration using the Crystal Commerce system. This method will walk you through how to create a Product Type and Variant that will allow you to sell single admissions to events through the use of Custom Products. We will also walk through creating the first event product that people can purchase on your site!

The first thing to do is to create a Product Type that is specific to events:

  1. In your admin, navigate to Inventory => Types. 

  2. Hit the "New Product Type" button.

  3. Name the new product type "Events".

  4. Hit the "New Variant" button.

  5. Replace "New Variant" with "Condition".

  6. Hit "New Condition".

  7. Name the new condition "Admission". 

  8. Hit "Save Product Type". 

For more information on Product Types, Click Here.

The second step is to create a category on your site to contain your event registration products. This is the area people will to navigate to on your site where they can see what events you have, and select which of them that they would like to purchase admission to.

  1. In your admin, navigate to Inventory => Categories

  2. Hit the "New Category" button.

  3. Create as a top-level category. 

  4. Name the category "Events".

  5. Select "Events" as the product type for category. 

  6. Check the box for the option "Category may contain products".

  7. Hit the "Save Category" button.

For more information on how to create a category, Click Here. 

The third step is to create the event. In our system, an event is simply a custom product. When you create an event using this variant setup, you will need to specify things like date, title and location in the Product Name.

  1. In your admin, navigate to Inventory => Products.

  2. Select the Events category that you created in step 2. 

  3. Hit the "Search" button. To create a new product, you will have to have performed a search.

  4. Hit the blue "Plus" sign in in the bottom left of the screen, near the search results. 

  5. Name the event as you wish. We recommend something along the lines of “FNM 4:00PM Draft” or “Magic 2015 Prerelease Event - Wednesday”.

  6. Make sure that "Events" is the category selected.

  7. Upload a photo or fill out any other information you deem necessary to the product description. 

  8. Hit the "Save Product" button. 

For more information on Custom Products, Click Here. 

You now have a product you can use to sell admission to an event you are hosting. Adding quantity to the Registration variant will allow customers to purchase admission to this event.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to get in touch via chat, phone, or email, and we would love to help you out with this.

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