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How to set your condition prices back to default values
How to set your condition prices back to default values

How to fix your prices if you have conditions that aren't following the default pricing rules.

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When managing your inventory, you may run across some products that aren't using the default pricing rules for their conditions. This can happen if you set up custom pricing for certain conditions, or if you upload a spreadsheet via mass create that has column headers for both "Condition" and "Sell Price".

You can spot them by whether or not the "use defaults" box is checked for that condition. For example, the following product is using the default price for NM-Mint, but not using default pricing for the "Light Play" condition:

In this particular case, we normally have the Light Play condition at 85% of the base sell price. However, since the "use defaults" box is unchecked, it's allowing that condition to use custom pricing rules. In this case, it's 100% of the base price ($.25) plus $.30, coming out to $.55.

To correct a single product like this, you can check the "use defaults" box and save, and then it will show up normally:

To enable default pricing for all products in a category or product type, you can batch update. In your inventory search, you will need to select the product type & category. You will also need to check the boxes for the conditions and langauges (if applicable) you want to update under the variant specific filters. Below that, check the box for "Use Defaults Disabled". You can also use any other search filters you wish, but these are the only required ones.

In the batch update section, check the last box on the variants tab for "Enable Use Defaults". Then check the box to the right of it as well. Finally, hit Batch update to set your variant prices back to their default values. 

For example, if I wanted to set all of my Yu-Gi-Oh! singles back to their default values, I would run a batch update like this:

For information on how to set your default condition pricing rules, check out our article on editing them in the product type:   How to edit Condition variant values

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