Importing products troubleshooting

Problems you may encounter when trying to import products from our catalog to a category you have in your admin

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When trying to import products into your admin, you may encounter problems which may stop your products going into your admin.

There are a few things to check to remedy this:

  1. Make sure your category that you are importing the products into is allowed to contain products.

If the notifications on the top right hand corner of your window, you may notice some error messages such as this:

 ["You have attempted to save a product to a category which does not support products. Please choose another or update your category."]

This indicates that the category you are trying to import the products into may have their Category may contain products checkbox uncheck.

2. Make sure that the products you are importing into a category has the correct product type.

If you are trying to import the magic Cards from Amonkhet into a category you have, make sure that the product type belongs to Magic Singles.

3. Check to make sure your co-workers haven't already imported the product into your system already?

If you search for the product to import and you cannot find it, this either indicates that we don't have the product in our catalog and you will need to request our catalog team to source it for you (please see this article on how to request a product into our catalog).

Do double check your inventory to make sure someone hasn't already imported the products into your system already.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the support team.

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