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Adding a payment to an order from within the Admin
Adding a payment to an order from within the Admin

If I must process the order from the admin, how do I add a payment?

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While using CrystalCommerce, the need may arise for you to complete a POS order in the admin instead of the POS itself. This could happen if, for example, the POS is currently down so you cannot pull up an order that is on hold. 

To do this, head over to the Orders section in your admin, and search up the order. If you do not know the order number, you can look it up via the customer account, or any of the other search filters.

Once you have the order pulled up, examine the order. If the order does not have a payment on it, you can add one here using the 'Add Payment to Order' button, shown below. 

After the payment has been added to the order, you can then move the order into Shipped status to signal that the order is completed.

Note: This should only be done if there is nothing under the "Payments and coupons" section. If you have a payment listed there as "authorized" status, don't add a payment to it. Instead, move the order to Awaiting Payment status. Then, move it to Payment received status, and finally to shipped.

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