How to export an order's contents to CSV

I want to be able to export a list of items contained on an order to CSV for use within the Mass Create system. How do I accomplish this?

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For one of many reasons, you may find yourself wanting to output a list of all items on a specific order along with the quantity ordered, the variants selected, and the category it's contained within. 

With the latest update to your admin, you can now accomplish this with a few easy clicks. First, navigate to the Orders section in your admin. Then, pull up the order in question. Next to the "Print Pullsheet" button you will see another button labeled "...". Hit that button, and a list of options will appear. At the bottom of that list, you will see "Export CSV of Order Items". 

Hit this button, and then an exported list in CSV format will be generated. You can then use this list via the Mass Create feature to easily update your products in large groups.

The CSV will output in a format that needs to be trimmed for our system to accept it. For a guide on doing so, please follow this link:

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