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How can I tell if a product of mine has a SKU?
How can I tell if a product of mine has a SKU?

A way to check if your product has a SKU

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SKUs are very important in order to allow you to list your product to Amazon and TCGPlayer.  Please see this article for more information.

In order to see if one of your products has a SKU or not, find the product in question.  Open the logs for the product.  Then, hover your mouse over any of the conditions (if your logs do not show any conditions, just change the price of any of the conditions of your product and repeat the steps again).

This gif will show the above example in action:

If any of the SKUs do not appear, check to make sure your product is pulling the data from our catalog (Edit the product and from the new screen, make sure 'Use Catalog' has been checked).

Also make sure that the product type is pulling from the catalog (please see the above link again).

For further assistance, please reach out to a member of the support team.

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