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Fixing Flash Enabled Dashboard Sales Graphs in Chrome and Firefox
Fixing Flash Enabled Dashboard Sales Graphs in Chrome and Firefox

My dashboard graphs doesn't work, they say Invalid Data and the Export to CSV button doesn't work

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Note: Adobe Flash has been discontinued, so the following article is no longer applicable. We are working on replacing the graph on the dashboard. In the meantime, you can still view the graph in Google Chrome. You won't be able to click on the individual bars to drill deeper, though.

You may have noticed that as your browser is updated to the latest versions, your settings for Flash may have changed which may have resulted in the dashboard graphs showing up as shown below:

You can see in the above picture that when clicking on the individual lines in the graph, "Invalid Data" is shown. Also, when exporting a CSV using the "Export to CSV" button in the upper right of the sales graphs, a file it outputted containing no data.

Here is how to fix this issue in Google Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the "View Site Information" button, directly to the left of the URL, then click on "Site Settings".

    2.  Here, click on the dropdown box next to "Flash". Then, select "Allow". After reloading the site, your graphs will look as shown below.
    3. Now that flash is enabled on the site, you can use the "Export to CSV" button in the upper right. It will output a file called "Download". You will need to edit the name of the file to include .CSV on the end of the file. Then, it can be opened in Microsoft Excel and edited/viewed.

To Fix the issue in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. First install the latest version of Shockwave Flash plugin, then restart Firefox.

  2. Navigate to Settings => Add Ons

  3. Here, select "Plugins". Next to the newly installed Shockwave Flash plugin, there is a dropdown menu setting. Here, either select "Always Activate", or "Ask to Activate". 

       Now when viewing a graph, the system will display it correctly as visualized in the         above picture. If you selected "Ask to Activate", you will need to click on the                   graph to give permission on a site by site basis. 

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