How To Flag an Order as Fraudulent

Learn how to flag an order as fraudulent so that future orders by customers are on our network fraud list.

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If you have identified a customer that has definitely been involved in fraudulent order activity, it is recommended that you flag the order(s) placed by that customer. This will flag the shipping address of that individual as having been associated with fraud across our entire system, so that other vendors may be alerted if orders from the same individual come in.

To mark an order as fraudulent:

  1. Expand the order in question by clicking the green down arrow, or by clicking on the order number.

2. Locate the box labeled "Flag Order as Fraudulent" in the lower left corner of the order details page.
3. Enter the reason as to why you are marking the order as fraudulent - this is a required field.
4. Click the "Report" button to send this report to us. This flag will be visible to other clients once it clears.

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