How to View all Orders from a Specific day

View orders from a specified day.

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It can be very helpful to sort orders based on the date that they were received. In your Orders tab, it is easy to accomplish this by following these steps:

1. Select the order statuses you would like to search. In practice, it is usually best to check the box for "Any Status" here, because you would like to see all orders placed on a given day, regardless of status.

2. Select the Created on after date. On the right hand side of the search box under “Created on after” Select the date you would like to see orders from.

3. Select the Created on before date. On under the “Created on before” Select the date AFTER the date you want to see. Click search.

In this example, the user is searching for orders created on Nov 11, 2014. Notice how the "Created on before" date is Nov 12, the date *after* the date I am searching for. 

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