How To Enter a Tracking Number

Learn how to enter a tracking number for shipping manually or through endicia shipping services.

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A tracking number my be entered for any order that is received in your Crystal Commerce admin. The field where a tracking number may be entered is found at the bottom of the Shipping Information box in the expanded order details page. While the Endicia integration automatically populates this field, it is also possible to manually input tracking numbers and send them to customers as well.

For clients not using Endicia:
1. Click on the green down arrow to expand the specific order. You may also click on the order number to see this same page.
2. In the lower left corner of the page, find the field labeled "Enter Tracking Number."
3. Enter the tracking number for this specific order in this field.
4. Send the tracking number to your customer by clicking the "Send Tracking Number" button.

Note: Any manually entered tracking numbers will not save in this field unless the "Send Tracking Number" button is clicked. This will send the tracking number to the customer's email address immediately.

For clients using Endicia:
For shipping services with tracking, that information is automatically entered into the tracking number field when you click "Get Label." Email notification of your customer's tracking information will be sent to them only once the order is marked shipped.

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