Fixing an "INACTIVE" Endicia Account

How to fix or reactivate your inactive Endicia account.

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If your Endicia account shows up as "INACTIVE" on your Account > Postage page in your admin, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

First, contact Endicia to make sure your account is in good standing. If your Endicia account had shown as active in the Crystal Commerce admin before, and Endicia switched it to inactive status, resolving the issue with them should fix it.

If your account is in good standing with Endicia, and it still shows up as inactive, then it means either you are connecting a Dazzle account, you have an incorrect account number entered, or you have an incorrect passphrase.

Log into, and check your account page to make sure your Service Plan says "ELS."

Next, go to the Support > Forgot Pass Phrase page (make sure you choose "Pass Phrase" and not "Password"),

Enter your account number and answer the secret question to have a temporary pass phrase emailed to you.

In your CrystalCommerce admin, go to the Account > Postage page and click "Change account credentials".

Enter your Endicia Account ID, the temporary pass phrase that was emailed to you, and then what you want the new pass phrase to be. After clicking "Connect", your Endicia account should be active in your admin. 

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