Variant Price Percentages

How to edit variant price percentages and create default percentages for each variant.

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Variant Price Percentage: This means that whatever you set for Sell Price or Buy Price, you can automatically make other variants a percentage of that price. NM - 100% Damaged - 50% So half of the price.

There are two ways of editing Variant Price Percentages

  1. You can create a default percentage for each variant A. Go to the Category you wish to edit the Variant Price Percentage for B. Click edit next to the Variant

It should look like this:

This allows you to set a default percentage for Sell Price as well as Buy Price

  1. You can also set this Percentage on a per Product basis A. Go to the product that you wish to change B. Click Manage next to the product

It should look like this:

This allows you to edit the Variant Percentage for Sell Price and Buy Price on a per Product basis. 

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