How to Add a Variant

How to add a variant (condition, language, etc.) to a product type.

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If a category of products is missing a "manage" button, that likely means that this category's product type is missing a variant.

In order to add any information like quantity, optimum quantity, and reserved quantity, the product type assigned to the category any product is in must have a variant. The most common variant name is "Condition," as physical condition is the most common pricing mechanism for most hobby and game store products.

In general, it should not be necessary to add a variant to a Product Type. However, for some older Product Types, it may be necessary to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Types

  2. Select the Product Type that you need to add a variant to.*

  3. Click the "New Variant" button. Change the name of the new variant to "Condition."

  4. Click the "New Condition" button. Add values for the conditions of this product that you would like to support.

  5. Save your work using the save button under the condition values.

  • If you aren't sure what the Product Type is, find out by going to Inventory > Categories and finding the category that the products are in. You can find the Product Type assigned to this category there. 

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