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How to set up Bambora (formerly Beanstream) as your payment source

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In 2015, Bambora acquired Beanstream (formerly our only option for Canadian Retailers) and has since expanded as an option to the our retailers in the United States as well. For more information visit our partners page with Bambora.

To use Bambora, follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have one already, make an account with Bambora: US based customer here Canada based customer here.

  2. Go to the Account > Payments page in your admin

  3. Under “Payment Sources”, to the right of the Supported Checkout Options, click “New Beanstream Payment Source.

  4. Follow the steps on the resulting page and click “Create Payment Source”

Once you have set up Beanstream, you can check the box next to “Credit Card” under “Supported Checkout Options” and save the page, and it will allow your customers to pay with credit/debit card directly through checkout on your website. 

This is a great video for new merchants to find their API Access Passcode to enter for the integration:

If you have specific questions please contact our assigned Account Manager for bambora:

Matthew Nicholson

Account Manager, North America

Work: 1 (250) 984-8757

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