Hiding Descriptors from the Website

How to hide descriptors from showing on the product page of my website.

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Most Product Types have Descriptors to give the customers more information about the products. However, you can also use descriptors for internal information. Maybe the location of the product, or some other pieve of info to give you better tracking of the product.

With this type of information, you probably don’t want to have this displayed on your website for your customers to see. Luckily there is a setting for each descriptor to hide it from the frontend.

So you would go to the Inventory > Types page, and select the corresponding Product Type. For this article we’re going to use Magic Singles as the example. You want to click the Arrow icon next to where it says Descriptors.

Each Descriptor has a checkbox for “Hide this descriptor from listing”. Checking this box, and saving, will prevent this descriptor from showing on the website. The following pictures show you how this appears on the frontend with the Artist descriptor.

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