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How can I use the Add To Inventory Mode to quickly add quantity to my products?

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On the Inventory > Products page, when viewing the search results, there is a checkbox for "Add to Inventory Mode" above the "Save" icon. If you check this box, it will make all quantities display as 0 for your search results, regardless of how many are actually in stock. Any number you add into the quantity field will then be added to your existing quantity for that product when you save the changes.

In the following example, you can see that the card has quantity in stock. If we check the box for "Add to Inventory Mode", The fields with quantity become 0. If we add quantity into the fields and save, the system adds that that value to the existing quantity.

When using add to inventory mode, there are a number of keybinding that can be used.

  1. The tab key (or shift+tab) moves the focus vertically up and down in the column of inputs.

2. The ↑ / ↓ and the 10-key + / − keys increment and decrement the current value in quantity fields.

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