Batch Updating Advanced Products

How to batch update using the advanced products options. Batch update MSRP, international or Domestic sale, or weight.

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The options in the Advanced Products section are similar to the Products options. You only need to search up products, and do not need Variants selected when using these options.

The Advanced Product Options are:

MSRP - You can Increment, decrement, and set the MSRP with a specific amount, or a % based on the market price, or even the Sell price.

International or Domestic Sale - You can set your products for International or Domestic Sale only.

Set Weight in pounds - Set the weight of your products to make sure that you're charging the correct amount when shipping is charged.

In order to Batch Update Advanced Products:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory > Products Tab

  2. Select the Category you would like to Batch Update from the Category Tree to the left

  3. Select The Batch Update > Products Tab in the lower right corner

  4. Check the box next to the option you want to use.

  5. Choose the setting you want, and enter any variable information required.

  6. Select "Batch Update"

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