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Searching and Adding Products to the Cart in the POS
Searching and Adding Products to the Cart in the POS

How to find products in your POS and add them to your cart

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To search for products to add to a POS cart, use the primary search bar at the top of the page. There are two ways to use it:

  1. Type the name of the product into the search bar

The results will generate dynamically in the main area below. To add a product to your cart you can click on the image.

If the customer wants to purchase a Condition other than the default (NM-Mint or Brand New in most cases), you can instead click on the variants dropdown and select the specific condition they want to add that to the cart.

To add additional items, click on the green tab at the bottom of the page to expand the current cart, and adjust the number in the Qty field to the amount the customer wants to purchase. You can also adjust the condition at this point using the dropdown menu right under the product name.

2. Use a barcode scanner to search for products.

If you have your cursor in the search bar at the top of the page, you can use any USB barcode scanner to scan the barcode of an item. If the barcode is attached to a product, it will automatically search for that product and add one to your cart.

If the barcode you scan is not attached to a product, it will bring up a window for you to associate it to an existing product within your inventory. Start typing the product name and it will bring up a dropdown menu of matching products.

Select the product from the dropdown, and it will bring it up along with the product image. You can then select "Choose" to just add the barcode, or "Choose and Add Line Item" to add the barcode as well as add the product to your POS cart.

When using either method of adding products to your POS cart, your inventory will update in real time. As soon as an item is added to the cart in your POS, the quantity will be removed from your inventory to prevent it from selling online before the POS checkout is complete. 

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