POS - Managing Customers in the POS

How to search, update, and manage customers in the POS.

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When completing an order in the POS, we recommend having a customer account attached to the order. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your customers' order history. More importantly, it is also a requirement for being able to issue credit card refunds on POS orders directly through the CrystalCommerce admin.

Searching for Customers in the POS:

Click on the orange bar at the bottom of the page. Under "Find Customer" you can either enter their name, membership number, email address, or phone number to search. The results will display below and you can click on the "Choose" button to assign the customer account to the order.

After you click "Choose", it will bring up the customer's information. Here, you can:

  • Update customer name

  • Update customer email

  • Update customer phone

  • Update customer store credit (which requires a reason)

  • Go back to the Find / Create Customer menu

  • Switch to Guest, and remove the customer from the POS order

Creating a Customer in the POS
To the right of the "Find Customer" section is the "New Customer" section. Here, you can enter the customer's information: name, email, phone, and membership number. The only required fields when creating a customer are Full Name and Email.

After you create a customer, it will pull up the new customer account, just like how "Find Customer" works.

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