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Orders - How to Import Tracking Numbers For Orders
Orders - How to Import Tracking Numbers For Orders

Import tracking IDs from outside shipping services to your orders.

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If you use an outside shipping service to ship your orders instead of the built-in Endicia integration, you can use the Import function on the orders page to upload tracking and change order statuses. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Put together a csv of the orders you want to update.

The csv will need the following column headers:


Under PackageTrackingNumber, enter the UPS tracking number, if applicable. Under PackagePostalServiceTrackingID, enter the USPS tracking number, if applicable. Under PackageRegerence1, enter the CrystalCommerce order ID.

Your csv should look something like this:

2. On your Orders page, click on the Tracking Information "Import" button above the search filters.

3. Upload your csv file.

Click on "Choose file", then select the status you want the orders on the csv to be move to, and then click "Upload & Process". That will prompt the system to upload your tracking numbers and move your orders to the chosen status.

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