Troubleshooting Buylist Errors

Common problems and how to troubleshoot buylist errors

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When Processing a buy order, you may run into an error that says "Buy order could not be saved. Line Items is invalid". If you see this error, these are the steps we recommend for troubleshooting it:

1. If it is a POS buy order, contact CrystalCommer support.

If this error occurs within a POS buy order, it means that the buy order has a product within it that has since been deleted from inventory. If this is the case, a CrystalCommerce support rep can help correct it.
To prevent this from happening, make sure when you are deleting a product from inventory that it isn't in any open buy orders first.

2. Make sure none of the buy prices are set to $0.00.

Use CTRL + F in the browser to find all instances of "0.00" and change them to at least $0.01. Attempt to save the buy order again.

3. If you were saving grading changes, open your buy order again in a different browser tab/window.

You'll want to see if any of your changes were saved successfully. If it was only partially saved, there will be a cutoff point where all products above were saved and all products below were not. Using your original tab/window as a reference, you will want to attempt to make some changes to the products below and save to see if that solves the error.

4. If your grading changes have all saved successfully but the order won't  move, contact CrystalCommerce support.

Sometimes, when grading changes are saved, an invalid line item is saved behind the scenes and blocks the order from updating. This isn't something that you can see from looking at the order, so a CrystalCommerce support rep can look into it and correct any invalid line items.

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