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Restock - Adjusting Quantities on a Buy Order
Restock - Adjusting Quantities on a Buy Order

How to adjust and change the quantities on a buy order

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When you receive the products for a buy order from a customer, you will often have to make some adjustments to that buy order in your admin. Many times the cards will need to have their grading changed, or the quantities need to be adjusted because an item was left out.

To make these quantity adjustments, follow these steps:

1. Find and open the buy order

Hopefully the customer included the invoice or buy order ID. If not, you can search the Restock page for customer name and/or product name to locate it.

2. With the buy order open, find the product that needs to be adjusted.3. Adjust the quantities under the condition columns.

Each available condition will have a column with two fields. The first field is the qty, and next to it is the buy price of that condition. All of these fields are editable, so both the quantities and conditions can be adjusted.

In the following example, we received a buy order for 6 Light Play of each card, but we have moved 3 of the Jace, Memory Adept - Foil's to Moderate Play:

3. Save your changes.

You can either click "Save changes without Moving" if you just want to save the quantities without moving the buy order. You can also move the buy order to the next status using the "Update BuyOrder" button and the changes will save as the order is moved.

Once you have saved your updates to the buy order, the Total on the buy order will adjust accordingly if your changes would affect how much should be paid out to the customer. When the order is moved to a new status, the customer will receive an automated email that details the changes made, and what the updated total is for their buy order.

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