Missing SKU Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide if your product's are missing their SKU

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SKU Overview

SKU's or Stock Keeping Units are just randomly generated numbers that correspond to a product type and a specific product condition. For example, here is the Light Play SKU for Chimney Imp - Foil:


Our catalog-generated SKUs are necessary for any item to be listed on Amazon or TCGPlayer. There are two main reasons that a product will say "Missing SKU" in your Amazon integration:

  1. The product cannot pull the SKU from the catalog. This is likely due to an improper setup of the Product Type.

  2. The product is a custom product. No custom products have SKUs, so they cannot be listed on Amazon.com.

To see if your SKU mapping is set up correct:

The Product Type in your admin has to be set up to receive the SKU data from our source catalog. In order to pull in those SKUs, the "Official Catalog" drop-down boxes in the Product Type has to be set before any products are imported. To set these, you will select the option from the drop-down that best matches the relevant product, and whatever condition values you specified.

If these have not yet been set, you will need to set them and then have a support representative push the SKU data to your admin. Contact us at support@crystalcommerce.com to get help with this process.

To see if the product is a custom product:

You can visually tell the difference between a custom product and a product that was imported by looking in the Market Price column. Imported products will have either a number or an N/A in the market price column; that field will always be blank for custom products.

In this image, Catan: Junior was imported from the catalog, but Catan: Portable Edition is a custom product.

Custom products cannot be sold on Amazon or TCGPlayer marketplaces because they do not have the SKU data that comes from our catalog. Unfortunately, that information cannot be associated with custom products in any way.

The only way to fix this is to import the product from the catalog. If you cannot find the product available for import, contact catalog@crystalcommerce.com to have the product added to the catalog. When possible, include a link to product details on the manufacturer or database/wiki site, and any other information you might have (link on Amazon, etc). When the product is added, you will be notified.

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