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Service Interruption Protocol
Service Interruption Protocol

If the service is slow, unresponsive or not operating as usual

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The CrystalCommerce platform is web-based, and operates based upon the Servers here at CrystalCommerce.

Though our uptime ratio is above 99%, in rare circumstances the servers may experience issues causing the site and admin to be down.  Though this occurs very seldom, it is important to know what protocols to follow to best avoid further difficulty.

First, it is best to identify the types of Interruptions of Service:

  • Data Center Interruption – Servers are under too heavy of a load to process the queued up jobs, causing a backlog and delays or errors

  • Service Provider Interruption – Services such as Endicia experience issues (Such as Endicia’s API being unavailable, therefor unable to function)

  • Integration Interruption – Third Party Integrations such as Amazon, TCGPlayer, or Amazon may be experiencing issues on their end and the endpoints are not aligning

  • Queue Latency – Jobs on the Servers are backlogged and causing the system to perform sluggishly

  • Integration Communication Latency - Server load and latency has caused a backlog in communication between CrystalCommerce and an Integrated platform, such as Amazon or TCGPlayer.

The majority of all forms of Interruption of Service are caused by a large amount of stress placed upon the servers due to excessive jobs being enqueued.  A common reaction to experiences like this is to enqueue updates in hopes of resolving this.  This is a mistake.  The best resolution for the interruption is typically to attempt to discontinue use of the platform for about 15 – 30 minutes, allowing the servers to return to normal and process any existing backlog.  Queueing up new jobs will worsen the backlog and server load, prolonging the resolution of the issue.

In emergency circumstances, if you need to temporarily take down your website and prevent further sales, you can reach out to our Client Experience team via Live Chat and request that your website be placed in Maintenance Mode.  This will prevent customers from viewing or purchasing on your direct website.

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