Monthly Tax Statement

How to run a report that shows how much tax you have collected.

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To run a report for your Tax collected for a period of time, you can utilize a General Stats report on your Dashboard.  This can be pulled and submitted for your monthly Tax statement.
To access this report:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard in the Admin

  2. Under the Graph, in the General Stats section, select Financial

  3. Set your Date Range

  4. Click View Report

  5. There will be a Tax Collected column at the top, which is an overall total, and below it will be laid out by channel.  These Tax totals can be submitted.

  6. If needed, click Export to CSV.  This will generate a CSV of your monthly financial stats with your Tax Collected clearly laid out. 

This report will also include refunds given, external payments, Shipping/Handling collected, discounts given and many other pieces of vital info from this timeframe.

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