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Batch Updates Stuck in Pending Status
Batch Updates Stuck in Pending Status

What to do if you notice batch updates staying in "pending" status for longer than normal.

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From time to time, Batch Updates may get temporarily stuck in a Pending status while they await being run through our queues.  This is typically a very quick process, but in some rare instances they will be stuck in this status for an extended period of time.  This is typically due to heavy load on the system.

Since Batch Updates cannot be cancelled or reversed, these will remain enqueued until they either run, or time out and are terminated.  In the between, we do not suggest enqueuing multiple updates as this will only intensify the strain on the servers.  If this happens, the backlog of jobs on the server will experience more difficulty.  We understand the challenges that this will pose, but if back to back jobs are avoided, the jobs currently enqueued will run faster.

If you notice your Batch Updates getting stuck often, it is possible that you may be enqueuing extra large Batch Updates that should be broken down to a more manageable size.  An example of this is to run separate Batch Updates for setting your Sell Price and Buy Price for a product line.

Note: We strongly advise against enqueuing multiple Batch Updates at a time due to the heavy load that it creates on our servers.  We suggest allowing one Batch Update to fully complete before enqueueing another.

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