Relocating Products to Another Category

How do I move a product to another category or combine categories?

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Once a product has been imported into the system, it adopts the attributes of the Product Type associated to it’s Category.  This typically causes issues if you would like to move a Product from one Category to another.  If the new Category has a different Product Type associated to it than the current Product Type, it will not allow you to change it.  In situations such as this, the best option is to delete the Product and reimport it into the new Category.

However, if the Product Type for both categories are the same, you can utilize the following steps to move the Product to a new Category:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Products

  2. Search up and locate the Product that you want to move

  3. Click edit on that Product

  4. From the Category dropdown, select the new Category

  5. Click Save

This method will relocate the Product to the new Category which will instantly be reflected on the Inventory => Products tab, as well as the frontend Website.

If you would lilke to merge two categories, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Products

  2. Select the category you want to relocate from the Category Filters Section and click search

  3. When viewing the search results, check the top box to select all

  4. Select the new category in the dropdown menu at the top of the results

  5. Click Move to relocate all of selected products to the new category

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