Shipping Setup for Non-U.S. Stores

Setting up your shipping methods when your store is outside of the United States.

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Shipping Setup for Non-U.S. Stores:

CrystalCommerce provides limited support to stores located outside the United States.  One complication of this is that CrystalCommerce does not have a built-in international shipping integration.  This means that all shipping methods must be custom-made and custom-priced.

Creating custom shipping options is a simple process if you follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Account > Shipping tab of the admin

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create New

  3. A new window will populate to the right, titled Create New Custom Ship Method

  4. Enter the Carrier name (Example: Canada Post)

  5. Enter the Service name

  6. Enter a Per Item Fee (For every item in the cart, this fee will be added)

  7. Enter a Per Pound Fee (This will be the most useful shipping option.  This amount will be added for every pound of product in the cart.  This is based upon the weights entered into the admin.)

  8. Enter a Fixed Fee (This flat amount will be added to any order that uses this shipping option)

  9. Enter an End Price Percentage Fee (The total of the order is increased by this percentage if this shipping option is selected)

  10. Select applicable states/provinces.  Only the states listed will be allowed to select this shipping option. Not selecting a state will enable this for anyone, anywhere. 

Note: If you are creating separate shipping options for each province/state in your country, you will want to utilize this option.You can create a shipping option for Canada Post – Nova Scotia, then enter NS into the States list, it will only allow customers from Nova Scotia to choose this option.This is extremely important to ensuring that you are properly recouping your shipping costs.

  1. Click Save

This shipping option will now be available on your Checkout page for your customers to select.  There is no limit for the amount of shipping options that you can create, so you can create something that all of your customers can utilize.

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