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How to find your Google Calendar ID
How to find your Google Calendar ID

How to locate your google calendar ID, which is necessary for using the calendar widget on your website

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You'll need your Google Calendar ID to enable the Google Calendar Feed Widget on your CrystalCommerce website.

This document explains (1) How to find your calendar ID, (2) How to ensure your Calendar is shared properly, and (3) How to install the ID

How to find your Google Calendar ID

Sign in to the Google account that is associated with the calendar.
From the G-mail interface, click the Apps icon

Click the "Calendar" option

In the list of "My calendars" on the left, hover over the primary calendar and then click the icon indicating more options

Click "Settings and sharing" from the submenu

Scroll down the next page and find the "Calendar ID"

Copy the Calendar ID to your computer's clipboard

How to ensure your calendar is shared properly

Find the "Access permissions" section

If "Make available to public" is not checked, check it.

You will be warned that making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world.

Click "OK" to accept.

Your calendar is now set to be publicly viewable

How to install your calendar ID

You will install the calendar ID in your CrystalCommerce admin, in the "Locations panel."

For instructions how to find that screen, and where to put the ID, please view the "Account > Locations Tab Overview" help article.

NOTE: You'll also need a Google API Key. For help with that, view our Google API key help article.




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