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How do I connect my domain name to the CrystalCommerce frontend website? Going live. DNS.

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Pointing your DNS: In order to have your CrystalCommerce site appear as your actual domain name, some changes will need to be made to your Domain Name System records. You will need to sign in to your account at your domain host's website and find where your DNS settings are.

We also offer SSL certificates for your webstore at no added cost!  Check out this article for more information!

You will need to edit your A Record and CNAME records in order to get your site properly pointed and live.

Note: Your domain must exactly match your database name on CrystalCommerce (databasename.crystalcommerce.com) for the DNS update to work correctly.

Important: Only follow these instructions if you have your main domain displaying your CrystalCommerce storefront. If your primary domain is a blog or a site independent of your crystalcommerce storefront, then you do not want to change your A records. In those cases, your CrystalCommerce store site will just need a CNAME to be on a subdomain.


1.) Login to your domain provider's C-Panel.
2.) Locate the Domain that you utilize for your Ecommerce website.
3.) Locate and select Manage DNS.
4.) Locate the A Record for your domain. (Sometimes referred to as an @ Record)
5.) Edit the A Record for host/name: @, and point it to the following IP Address:
6.) Create another A Record for host/name: @. Point it to the following IP Address:

7.) Edit the CNAME for www and set it to forward to:

*** IF your website uses a Store CNAME (store.yourstorehere.com) , add a CNAME for store and set it to forward to : alb-prod.crystalcommerce.com

9.) Click Save
(As a disclaimer some domain providers have different layouts and processes to update DNS information)

Once you point the DNS, the changes should take effect within 48 hours, however,  this process is typically much faster when using GoDaddy.

If you require an SSL certificate for your webstore (which we highly recommend), check out this article on how to do that!

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