Customers > Import Customers Tab Overview

How to import a csv of customer accounts into your admin.

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Customers > Import Customers Tab Overview

To create or update a group of customers in your admin, you can upload a .csv file on your Customers > Import Customers page.

Step 1 is a list of the column headers that you can use on your .csv file to import information.
Only the columns with asterisks next to them "Email and Full Name" are required.

Step 2 is where you will upload the .csv file. Browse your computer for the .csv file, then click "Import Customers".

Step 3 you will receive a notification when the import has completed. If the import was only partially accepted, the notification will have a link to the part of the file that had errors.

When uploading a customer csv file, it will find any existing customers in your admin with emails matching the .csv file and update their information accordingly.

All other customers on the .csv file will have customer accounts created in your admin.

For an overview of the Customers Tab Click Here.

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