Advertising > Survey Tab Overview

How to create, delete and edit your customer exit surveys after your customer's have placed an order

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Advertising > Survey Tab Overview

In the Advertising > Survey Tab you will be able to create, delete and edit your Exit Surveys.

The Exit Surveys system allows you to ask questions of your customers upon them completing checkout.

This is a very powerful, efficient way to listen to your customers' feedback.

Adding New Survey Questions
By default, there will be five survey questions that are built into your admin. If you wish to add any additional survey questions, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Add new question"

  2. Enter the question to appear to your customers under "What is the question?"

  3. Select how your customers will answer the question. You can choose between a Rating Scale (1-10), Multiple Choice, or a Free Text Response if you would like customers to be able to write an open-ended answer.

Editing Existing Survey Questions
If you click on on of the questions, it will open an "edit question" window to the right. In that window, you can edit the name of the question. To avoid corrupting existing responses, the response type of an existing question cannot be changed.

Viewing Survey Results
There are three places the survey responses from your customers appear:

  1. On the Advertising > Survey Page

Click on a survey question whose results you wish to see. Under the question field, it will display all results for that question.

   2. On the Order itself.
An order with survey answers will have an icon next to the customer name, like this:

If you view the order details, the survey results will be at the bottom, below the shipping information.

   3. On the Customer Account Page
If you view a customer's page in your admin, there is a tab labeled "Survey Results" you can click on to view the customer's survey answers.

Deleting a Survey Question
To delete a survey question, click on the question on your Advertising > Survey page. Below the question field is a "Delete Question" button.

For an overview of the Advertising Tab Click Here.





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