Discount a Custom Line Item in the POS

What to do if you need to add a custom line item that has a discount to your POS cart

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Discount a Custom Line Item in the POS

When checking out using the POS, you can add Custom Line Items to the order.  This is useful when adding a charge for an item that is not currently in the system’s inventory.

If you wish to add a discount to a Custom Line Item in the POS, it is actually far better to add the post-discounted price to the line item upon entry.  This will cause far less confusion and difficulty.  For example: Someone wants a soda that costs $1.00 which is discounted $0.25 due to a dent.  You would simply enter the Custom Line Item as $0.75.

For a full walkthrough of how to add and process a Custom Line Item, please review this link:

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